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Značka: TOPEAK Predný blatník Model :OBRANCA XC1 Hmotnosť: 350 g Materiál: vplyv plastové Pouţiť : 36-48.5 mm vidlica Veľkosť : 23*20*29 cm 33*24*19 cm Zadný blatník Značka :TOPEAK Model :OBRANCA XC11 Hmotnosť: 190 g Materiál : Vplyv plastové Pouţiť: 25,4 očakávané-34.9 mm sedlovej trubky Veľkosť: 56*10.2*6.8 cm 26 cm 62*10.2*7.0 cm 27.5 palec 67*10.2*7.5 cm 29 palcov

  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Číslo Modelu: topeak mtb blatníka

SKU: w47097
The product is very good .. It looks super on my mountain bike. Rear fender is better for you if you keep high ..
Wings are super especially considering how much they cost in them there are no minuses
Spirit Angel 89
Astana. Delivery in 35 days, велобрызговики just fire, arrived not damaged well packed, what the seller asked, since there is a possibility of their damage during transportation by postal services. To the seller Thank you!. Buy the goods of this store!.
Albina Vahitova94
Order not received. 44 days of waiting. The order was returned to the seller from customs, of course, this is not his fault. The customs broker "unitrade" twice requested the details of my passport. I sent everything on demand. As a result, a return through a dispute. Paid 6,557.34 rubles, returned 6,086.72 rubles. 470.62 rubles, apparently left for the trouble. I bought good quality wings in my city (German) for 4,700 rubles. (set) here are the things... No order received. 44 days waiting. Order from customs returned to seller. of course it is not his fault. Unitrade's customs broker twice requested my passport data. As a result, a refund through a dispute. Paid 6 557,34 rubles, returned 6 086,72 rubles. 470.62 rubles, left apparently for trouble. I bought wings of good quality in my city (German) for 4 700 rubles. These are...

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